MALDI Imaging

Tissue Imaging

The data to the right was produced using an AP‑MALDI UHR / Orbitrap Exploris 480 HRMS imaging experiment performed by Dr. Gilles Frache, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Maureen Feucherolles ( LIST). The mouse brain was obtained through the courtesy of Pr. William J Griffiths Pr. Yuqin Wang (Swansea University Oxysterol Research Group) and the cryo-sections have been prepared for analysis using the SunChrom matrix sprayer. The tissue was imaged at 25 micrometer pixel size at a mass resolution of 480 000 at m/z 200.

The image shows the RGB overlay image of 3 lipids. Red: [C40H79O10P + Na]⁺ m/z=773.5303 tentatively assigned as PG(34:0), Green:  [C41H82NO8P + Na]⁺ m/z=770.5670 tentatively assigned as PE(36:0), Blue: [C46H89NO8 + H]⁺ m/z=784.6661 tentatively assigned as GalCer(40:1) according to Metaspace

The data set is available on

One of the uses of MALDI tissue imaging in the pharmaceutical industry is to monitor the distribution of drugs and their metabolites in target tissues. This interesting application note shows the use of the AP-MALDI source with a high resolution mass spectrometer analysing tissues that have been prepared for analysis  using the SunCollect spraying device.


Suncollect Application of Anticancer Drug