Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry

MALDI Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry

The MassTech™ Atmospheric-Pressure Matrix-Assisted Laser-Desorption Ionisation (AP-MALDI) source enables mass spectrometers fitted with an electrospray or nanospray source to have the additional capability of MALDI. It is called AP-MALDI because, unlike vacuum MALDI, ionisation takes place under atmospheric conditions. This provides several important advantages including convenience, speed of analysis, simplicity of operation and cost. 


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source installation video

Source installation

Settings and applications


  • Change between MALDI and ESI/nanospray in minutes. Calibrate in ESI and switch to MALDI without recalibration. Sample plates loaded in seconds as there is no waiting for vacuum to be achieved - see a video of the installation of an AP-MALDI source above
  • Fast imaging, 2.5 hours to image a 1 cm x 1cm section when coupled with latest fast scanning mass spectrometers ( 12Hz or better)
  • High resolution X-Y stage for 5 micron spot size
  • S/W can run sequences of multiple regions of interest and non-rectangular areas of tissues
  • MS-MS and MSn data (if instrumental capabilities permit) from a MALDI source for enhanced sequencing information at a fraction of the cost of a TOF-TOF instrument
  • Robotic control of MALDI targets with CCTV point-and-click visual alignment checking for confidence in operation
  • Imaging acquisition and processing software for MALDI imaging of tissues and other surfaces

Lipids in mouse brain. Data achieved on Exploris 480 at 20 micron lateral resolution. Data courtesy of Dr. Gilles Frache Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology