KR Analytical Limited

Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry

Faster and Simpler Analysis

If a sample can be analysed at atmospheric pressure and not under vacuum, analysis time is greatly reduced because it is not necessary to wait for the sample region to pump down. Furthermore, biological samples can be analysed in conditions closer to their natural environment. Several ionisation techniques are now available to utilise this advantage. ASAP®, Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe, permits fast analysis of solid, liquid, tissue, or other materials (e.g. polymer) samples. Atmospheric-Pressure MALDI has all the sensitivity of conventional vacuum MALDI but because it is not necessary for the sample to be under vacuum, changing sample plates takes a few seconds, greatly reducing analysis time. SICRIT® enables direct ionisation from samples that give off volatiles. SICRIT® also enables many different separation techniques to be coupled with an LC-MS instrument - giving soft ionisation to complex samples such as those from GC, SPME, LC and CE instruments.