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Chemyx Nexus Series

When the application is more demanding in terms of dynamic range of flow rates, requires large volume infusion, or needs to pump against high back pressures then the Nexus series of pumps are the ones to choose. With a colour LCD screen and a simple, easy to understand user interface, the Nexus series are some of the most sophisticated yet affordable pumps on the market

Nexus 3000

Nexus 3000, the most versatile pump on the marklet

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Nexus 3000

The Nexus 3000 series syringe pump has variable transmission that gives this unit the largest dynamic range of any syringe pump on the market. Although this system has a very small step resolution, it is not limited to low speeds by fixed mechanical gearing, and can reach very high rates. The Nexus 3000 syringe pump can be equipped with a push pull rack and a 10 channel infuse/withdraw rack. The base system comes with a infuse/withdraw rack and multiple step/gradient pumping functions as standard. RS232 control is also standard on this system

  • 2 to 10 syringes from 0.5µL to 140ml
  • Minimum flow rate 0.0010 picoL/min
  • Maximum flow rate 300ml/min
  • Pushing force 75lbs ( 34Kg)
  • Optional multi-syringe rack - up to 10 syringes
  • Colour user interface
  • Step resolution 0.012 um/step
  • Dimensions 16 x 24 x 7.5cm
  • Weight 5.5Kg

Nexus 6000

Nexus 6000,the highest force infusion syringe pump on the market

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Nexus 6000 High Force Pump

The Nexus 6000 is the most powerful high pressure syringe pump on the market with 450lbs ( 204.5Kg) average pushing force up to 550lbs (250Kg)max force. This system has a patent pending steel brace mechanism with a closed bolt lock ensuring long pump life span under very high stress.If you need to infuse against very high back pressure such as with micro-channel experiments or infuse into high pressure reactor vessels, the Nexus 6000 is the pump to choose.

  • Single syringe infuse and withdraw
  • Syringe sizes from 0.5µL to 200ml ( Chemyx stainless steel syringe)
  • Minimum flow rate 0.001µL/hour
  • Maximum flow rate 400ml/minute
  • Dimensions 16 x 24 x 7.5cm
  • Weight 7.3Kg
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