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For users who don't require the extensive sampling capabilities of the DART-SVP, the IonSense ID-CUBE® provides an even simpler ionisation capability. The ID-CUBE will accept solid samples or samples in solution and will provide spectra in a few seconds without any sample preparation. Click on the video on the left to see how it works

ID-CUBE video

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ID-CUBE installation video

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ID-CUBE single sample example video

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ID-CUBE mounted on Exactive

ID-CUBE ready to run samples

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Simplified DART
  • Spot a few microlitres of solution or a small amount of powder on the wire mesh of the OpenSpot™ sampling card
  • Place card in the sample slot of the ID-CUBE
  • Select low, medium or high temperature
  • Mesh is heated almost instantaneously to desorb sample and generate ions
  • Sample identification is validated by accurate mass measurement

Open Spot card

OpenSpot sample card for ID-CUBE

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ID-CUBE sample prep video

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Benefits of ID-CUBE
  • No sample preparation for fast results
  • Results within seconds – no need for LC separation
  • Ideal for open access laboratories – no operator training required
  • Simple operation – eliminates errors
  • Low cost and high throughput solution

The ID-CUBE is intended for operation with mass spectrometers having accurate mass capability. Initially, the ID-CUBE is available on Thermo mass spectrometers fitted with the IonMax source. Versions are available for Agilent and Shimadzu instruments.

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