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Syringe Pumps & Syringes

KR Analytical are the UK and European distributor for Chemyx syringes pumps. These are low cost high performance pumps for precise dosing of liquids in a laboratory environment in the research and industrial markets. Typical applications are

  • Precision fluid delivery in microfluidics
  • Electrospinning applications
  • Mass spectrometry calibration and direct infusion
  • Reagent infusion in chemical development using reaction vessels and material characterisation
  • High force applications such as when using high viscocity or non-Newtonian liquids or where high back pressures would be encountered

The Fusion-X series pumps : Fusion 100-X200-X, 4000-X and 6000-X are a simple-to-use solution for infusing fluids. The all-glass touch screen  user interface found on all Chemyx pumps is durable, informative and intuitive to use. Every pump can be controlled from a PC via the standard RS232 or USB connection using the free to use LabVIEW or MATLAB drivers.  All pumps enable parameter input as well as multi-step programming via the touch screen or keypad. .

The standard touch screen programming function enables multiple loops of gradients, start, stop and hold times to program any combination of flow rates for your experiments. We deliver pumps to all EU countries within 3-5 working days.


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Fusion 100-X Infusion-only pumpFusion 100-X Infusion-only pump Fusion 200-X Infuse & withdrawal pump

Fusion 4000-X Dual Motor Pump

Fusion 6000-X High Pressure pump

When the application is more demanding in terms of dynamic range of flow rates,  requires large volume infusion, or needs to pump against high back pressures then the Fusion 4000-X and Fusion 6000-X pumps are the ones to choose. The Fusion 4000-X has dual motors allowing different flow rates from the same pump. The Fusion 6000-X high-pressure syringe pump is designed for dosing viscous solutions, and semi-solid material injections against pressure. With a colour touch screen and a simple, easy to understand user interface, these are some of the most sophisticated yet affordable pumps on the market. We offer a range of steel syringes for use in the Fusion 6000-X high pressure pump.