Rapid Characterisation of Polymers and Plastics

Detection of Migrating Products in Food Packaging and Utensils

When a plastic material is used as packaging or when a utensil is intended for food use, it is important to know whether any compounds are migrating from that plastic into the food and hence entering the food chain. Utensils that are used in high temperature environments can also be a source of phthalates and adipate esters which are regulated compounds in most countries.


Carpet Fibre ASAP

Additives in Polymers by ASAP®

ASAP® has been used for the rapid analysis of polymers to determine additives. Compounds such as UV stabilisers, antioxidants, processing aids and clarifiers can been seen by placing a small piece of polymer on the ASAP® probe and inserting it into the hot gas stream of the mass spectrometer API source. The vaporised additives are ionised using discharge ionisation as in APCI. Shown here are the additives found in a small piece of polyethylene carpet fibre.